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By using you will be able keep track of how many people visit your links, from where and on what date.

Also you can have your own customized branded link, with domain!

  • Branded Link
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  • Keep track of your links
  • Fully customized messages
  • Customized Colors & Shapes for QR Codes
  • No Coding Required

Branded vs Non-branded WhatsApp Links

Branded WhatsApp links enhance brand recognition and trust, whereas non-branded links definitely lack user engagement.

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Creating WhatsApp Links with is pretty simple, create an account and use our Link Generator to create unlimited branded WhatsApp Links.

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First step would be to create your account. Then, you will be redirected to our WhatsApp Link Generator.

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Then, you'll need to fill the required fields that the Link Generator is asking. For example, phone number, message, etc.

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Finally, you can download and share your WhatsApp Link Generated from your dashboard and edit if needed.

Generate WhatsApp Link
What are WhatsApp Links?

WhatsApp links: instant, direct chat initiation tool!

WhatsApp links are URL links that, when clicked, open a new chat window on the WhatsApp application or web platform.

They allow businesses and individuals to initiate a conversation without requiring the user to save a contact number, making communication more streamlined and accessible.

I will break down some of the benefits from using WhatsApp Links.

Generate WhatsApp Link
Ease of Communication

Directly initiate chat, no need for saving numbers.

Predefined Messages

Seamlessly start conversations with preset, topic-specific messages.

Integration and Sharing

Easily embed in digital platforms and share for wider reach.

Brand Recognition

Customizable links significantly boost brand awareness and establish trust.