Frequently asked questions

Here’s what you need to know about your license, based on the questions we are asked the most.

Start using our premium features by getting a 7-day free trial. The trial gets you access to all of our premium features for 7 days. If during these 7 days you decide you like the service, you can go ahead and choose a plan.

You can edit your links content as much as you like in your dashboard, without the actual link url changing.

Absolutely, the free trial lasts 7 days and you can create branded WhatsApp Links.

As soon as you pay for them, Your branded WhatsApp Links will be already created in your dashboard. The process takes less than a minute!

You will be billed in $USD regardless of where your business is located.

You will need to tell us a couple of things like phone number, message, and some other information that will allow us to create a compliant WhatsApp Link for you.

Yes, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at anytime from the dashboard or visiting If you need help changing your account, reach out to us using our email ([email protected]).

You can either pay with credit card or any debit card you want! All our payments are secured by Stripe.