About Us

Why we started W.app?

W.App was born out of the realization of how vital efficient and personalized communication is in our increasingly digital world. We saw that businesses and individuals alike were seeking ways to connect more directly, and yet, many were struggling with conventional and often impersonal means. This is where the power of WhatsApp comes in, with its vast global user base and real-time communication capabilities. However, the process of manually sharing phone numbers and opening chat windows was tedious and prone to errors.

Identifying this gap, we decided to simplify the process by offering an intuitive platform for generating customizable WhatsApp links. At W.App, we're driven by the ambition to make communication easier and more accessible for everyone. Our platform ensures that anyone, whether a small business owner or a large corporation, can reach their audience effectively through WhatsApp. By providing tools for creating branded links, QR codes, and dynamic links with real-time tracking, we aim to empower our users, streamline their communication processes, and ultimately, enhance their reach and engagement.

In 30 days we launched version 1 of W.app and it was a blast! We looking forward to keep innovating this awesome world of WhatsApp Links and QR Codes.