What Are Branded WhatsApp Links?

Branded WhatsApp links are unique URLs that contain your brand identifier, leading directly to a new chat window on WhatsApp. They provide a direct line of communication between you and your audience, and with your brand embedded into the link, they ensure your audience knows exactly who they're connecting with.

The Power of Branding: Key Benefits

Enhanced Brand Recognition

Each time your link is shared, your brand is shared alongside it. This significantly boosts brand awareness and keeps your business at the forefront of the user's mind.

Increased Trust

Customers feel safer clicking on links associated with recognizable brands. Your branded WhatsApp link guarantees the customer is chatting with you, not an imposter.

Higher Engagement Rates

Trustworthy and brand-specific links often see higher engagement rates. Customers are more likely to engage when they recognize and trust the brand.

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How to Use

Create Your Branded WhatsApp Link in Simple Steps

Fill required fields

Enter your phone number and a default message (optional) in the designated fields on our platform.

Set brand name

Customize your link with your brand name or identifier.

Copy Link or Download & Share QR Code

Generate your link and immediately start sharing it on your website, social media platforms, emails, and more.

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